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Drizzle Freemont Beta Released

posted Nov 8, 2011, 2:35 PM by
Fremont has gone BETA! Please test away and let us know if anything is broken.

Summary of changes since the Elliott release:

- Multi-master replication (no conflict resolution)
- UUID's for replication
- JSON interface available
- Percona Innodb patches merged
- Xtrabackup in-tree
- IPV6 data type available
- query login plugin (syslog) is enabled / on by default
- Ability to publish transactions to zeromq
- Improvements to logging stats plugin
- Word on stored procedure interface
- Removal of drizzleadmin utility
- Removal of HailDB engine
- Revamped testing system with suites of randgen, sysbench, sql-bench, and crashme tests
- Continued code refactoring
- Various bug fixes

You can download the latest tarball here!